A Week High Above Sea Level

Last week I had a week high above sea level with the family in the French mountains in the area of Portes du Soleil.

We stayed in Morzine, which is a beautiful picturesque town at the foot of Mont Blanc, however it was very busy and full of life as half term brought many families to the mountains. I always say that a successful ski trip is one where you have great fun but you are able to walk back onto the plane unassisted and without any limbs in plaster cast !

We decided to create a video diary every day and I take my hat off to the likes of Sailing La Vagabond & Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose who successfully create videos every week. As the week progressed though, our editing skills got a lot better, judge for yourself below – Enjoy.

If you enjoyed the videos, please remember to ‘like and subscribe’ on Youtube to West Afloat, there will be more to come whilst out on the water really soon.

Thanks for Reading, Watching, Commenting & Following

Best, Dan

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