New Horizons

Just where has the year gone ?, in fact where has the last decade gone…today is New Years eve of 2019. Looking back on 2019 it feels like it has gone with a blink of an eye, the process of time hasn’t changed but every minute has counted and this year has seen multiple adventures both professionally in both the corporate and sailing worlds.

Who would have thought that this time in 2018 I would have achieved the Commercial endorsed Yachtmaster licence, sailed to Isles of Scilly from east to west of the English channel and delivered a classic yacht from the Azores to Portugese Algarve Coast across the Atlantic Ocean.

In the corporate world leaving the security of permanent work to return to the interim leadership gig economy. Both giving huge challenges to overcome and great sense of worth and accomplishment as the challenges are navigated around the globe.

I counted that I have been overseas multiple times to 7 different countries France, Switzerland, Portugal, Azores, Croatia, Canada & USA. A number of firsts as well visiting the Azores, Croatia, New York and Raleigh in the USA.

Croatian – Paradise

Without doubt the highlight was visiting Croatia. What a beautiful country, full of history, wildlife and wonderful island hopping sailing. Great to be with the family, cruising around enjoying the sunshine, the wind and the clearest, cleanest sea water you are ever likely to encounter.

Island Hopping Croatia – Video

Family First

The year of 2019 has brought many learnings, we are all a year older. The family continues to mature and my beloved Baloo continues to be mans best friend. I learnt that I don’t really want to be away from them for weeks/ months on end at sea or in another country working. Time is precious and missing out on all the family arguments I have learnt is a time to saviour not to endure. Make the most of it, they will soon be flying the nest and having their own adventures without us !

Looking forward to 2020, who knows what it will bring. I hope more of the same, breaking new ground, new horizons and possibly new professional challenges. The government is trying hard with the new IR35 tax rules to having to possibly think differently about interim leadership work and the return to perm work. My experiences in 2019 perhaps moves me to think that the Napkin Plan was perhaps a bit too early and that I should wait until the kids fly the nest and I have more grey or no hair, however is there ever a right time …? Only time will tell and keeping an open mind, being flexible and most importantly enjoying the journey as it unfolds…….

Happy New Year – new horizons ahead !

2019 Videos – binge watch and enjoy the very amateur capture of this year’s fun.

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