Dancing in the rain

The snow has disappeared this week to be replaced by the wind and the rain, storm Eric I believe it is being called. Wind speeds of 50mph+ , no real drama on land unless you are caught out by flying debris or falling branches. But on the sea this is serious weather, up to a […]

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Plotting the course ahead

The future excites and terrifies me all at the same time…I have only 8 weeks from tomorrow left in my current Global CIO role, no doubt more travel, more problems, more IT balls to juggle but time will fly and I need to get my s**t together!. I have enough sailing qualifications to be able […]

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The Napkin Plan 

I needed a plan, I boarded the plane with a tough week ahead, on yet another long haul flight for work on a Sunday, my future in limbo, my work role in consultation, my kids pleased I was not around at home and my wife giving me the whatever makes you happy just go and […]

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The experiment..

Not sure how this is going to work out…., but I am going to write and share my thoughts as I go forward with my sailing and attempt to strike a work life balance, it might be funny, it might be a disaster – let’s see where the wind takes it…

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