Having sensibly walked away at 9pm from the works leaving drinks last night, I wake up feeling great and an overwhelming feeling of freedom. What seemed like it took forever to arrive, with the remaining weeks, days and hours in slow countdown,  The time actually raced by and I can’t quite believe that I am […]

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Get Fit,Get Strong,Go Sailing

Sometimes life just turns you upside down and dunks you head first into the water regardless of how hard you try and stay afloat. What’s important is that you get back up and start again, taking the learnings and doing it better the next time.   I have learnt you have to just let go, look […]

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Always Step Up into the Liferaft !

They say that you should always step up into a liferaft. I was puzzled by this statement but having spent a day on a sea survival course understanding the basics in more detail and an afternoon splashing around in the pool in full waterproofs, lifejacket and a liferaft, I can now fully understand that statement […]

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A Week High Above Sea Level

Last week I had a week high above sea level with the family in the French mountains in the area of Portes du Soleil. We stayed in Morzine, which is a beautiful picturesque town at the foot of Mont Blanc, however it was very busy and full of life as half term brought many families […]

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