The exam…

The Yachtmaster offshore exam is very much like taking your driving test, with both practical and theory tests that you are independently examined on. They call it the ‘ticket’ because once you have it, a whole host of opportunities opens up for you as a skipper – 3/5th of the world becomes your playground. You […]

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Skills and Drills

For the past two weeks, we have used the playground of the Solent which provides all the challenges that we need, to demonstrate that we can overcome them with our sailing skills. A key part of the yachtmaster syllabus is being able to demonstrate skills that you are in full control of the yacht, whether […]

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Tough Love

What a month ! It started with an incredible full week of offshore sail training, a real education of what it takes to be an offshore skipper, it’s tough, both physically and mentally but I loved every minute of it. The shift pattern of 3 hours on and 3 hours off, sounded horrendous but I […]

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Back to Sea School

What a week ! – it was great to get back out on the water and finally start the course but it did feel a bit like going back to school and being the new boy in the class. Something I haven’t experienced for well over 35 years having moved from Elmrise primary to the […]

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